About Sharie

I’m incredibly excited to be running for Mayor of Port Alberni. Port Alberni is not only my home, it is my passion. I was born and raised in the Alberni Valley and moved to Victoria for University after graduating from ADSS. As is common growing up in a small town, I definitely didn’t appreciate the beautiful community I was fortunate to be a part of at the time.

When I left Port Alberni I never envisioned myself returning but after enjoying a few years living in a larger city, my husband Colin (who was raised on the Mainland) encouraged me to give Port Alberni a second chance. I remember we were driving to Port Alberni to look at homes and googling the community on the way as my husband hadn’t spent a ton of time here. The first thing that popped up was an article titled, “Port Alberni – still one of Canada’s worst places to live.” I immediately found myself getting defensive of the article criticizing my home town that I myself had criticized so many times growing up. And I think that was the moment I realized how much I cared about Port Alberni.

Since returning home in 2010, I’ve been busy building my businesses and establishing my family’s roots here. I’ve been fortunate to have been well supported by the community in my business as a Mortgage Broker and have used the knowledge acquired from that business to taken on other projects as well.
My business grew to a point where I am now training 3 Sub-Mortgage Brokers to work for me and if elected, I will have the opportunity to take more of an oversight role and focus my efforts on the City. My husband Colin and I have four children who love taking advantage of all the wonderful spaces this community has to offer.

In 2014, a potential development at the Harbour Quay and the way it was handled by the current City Council got me interested in the Municipal Government for the first time. I knew very little at the time about how the City was run, but I felt driven to get involved and bring a voice to a perspective I felt was being overlooked. That interest led to me running for City Council and being elected almost four years ago.

Now that I’ve had the opportunity to gain experience and work within the City I feel more passionate than ever about the opportunities that are right in front of us as a community. If elected as Mayor on October 20th, 2018, I will bring a vision and passionate desire for real change, the necessary experience and knowledge to lead the City, and a strong work ethic. In my businesses, I pride myself on being a strong planner, a problem solver, and a person who will work tirelessly until I get the result I set out for. And in my personal day-to-day life, I am a passionate advocate for this community’s future.

Now is our time. We must create a Shift in Focus.