Heather Thompson endorses Sharie Minions for Mayor

As many of you know, this election I am a Port Alberni taxpayer. This has driven me to get more involved in the election race. When Sharie Marie Minions suggested I run for council I was flattered, but I knew it wasn’t for me – I’m a behind-the-scenes kind of girl. When she told me she was running for mayor, I was intrigued. She explained her platform and asked me to join her campaign team to help her get elected. I immediately said yes. I had been asked by other candidates, but I said yes to Sharie because I see in her so much of what is missing in the other candidates for mayor. I see a shared, clear vision for this community. I see a smart, hard-working woman who served on council for four years, standing her ground on issues when she needed to and always putting the community first in her decisions. I see someone who works as part of a team, even when that team doesn’t include her in decisions or can’t even stand united. Most of all, I see a person who is ready to lead Port Alberni to a new future – one that is focused on the things that matter to me and the people I know, not just the old-boys club. She isn’t looking back on the glory days and wondering when they will return, she’s asking people around her what can be done now to ensure more success is coming our way as a city. She isn’t just interested in her ideas, she wants to know what other people are thinking too. I agreed to help because I think Sharie can make a difference, and so many people seem to agree. I am shocked by how many comments, posts, likes, and messages she receives on her Facebook page daily, and she responds to all of them. But it’s not just online. I see her at almost every event in the city, and she’s spends a lot of time one-on-one with residents, talking to them about what matters to them in Port Alberni. Anyone who thinks she’s too busy to be mayor should look at her dedication to residents over the past four years and this summer. You will see she is the right choice for mayor and she will make the time for the job. Now what we need is more names for council so we can have a strong, united team focused on creating the best future possible for this amazing city.