Kelly Foxcroft-Poirier endorses Sharie Minions for Mayor

Ok. It’s Facebook official, I personally like some of the candidates and think they are great people, AND I’m coming out and whole heartedly backing someone in this upcoming mayoral race and it’s Sharie. Why?:
1) she has made incredible boundless effort to clarify her platform online and provide examples of her vision – providing clear messages and opportunities for real engagement
2) she has a track record of trying to consider meaningful, beyond lip service partnership with local nations in ways that demonstrate willingness to learn and dedication to relationship beyond just “signing a protocol” for a photo shoot, through her work with the Reconciliation committee, forging personal relationships and beyond;
3) she has put herself out there and not only offered to meet folks for coffee BUT actually has done it and gone beyond lip service
4) has experience on council, understands the Municipal Charter and other guiding documents that focus and clarify the work an roles and responsibilities of Mayor and Council;
5) she consistently has shown up on Social media to answer questions and weigh in on some tough issues, even when things are a little “touchy” – I admire her willingness to step out of the fire and into the frying pan with thought and compassion
6) she is a mama like me, and mothers are NOT only CEO’s of managing huge amounts of tasks within our households and beyond, but are experts at heart centred work to keep communication and relationship at the forefront and to keep everything running smoothly. (We have had successfully elected mothers as mayor in Port Alberni in the past and maybe it’s time for another!? )
7) Her and Colin are business people, they own and operate several businesses successfully and have what it takes to consider what that means and looks like on the ground in not only in Port Alberni, but in the region!

I’ll stop at lucky number 7! AND I trust she is just going to keep showing me and actively demonstrating her platform and spectrum of reasons why she is an Excellent candidate for Mayor of Port Alberni. I hope that voters will truly step forward and have vision and elect Sharie this fall!