Marie Leclerc endorses Sharie Minions for Mayor

Met with Sharie Minions this morning to discuss her plan for the community. First I would like to thank her for taking the time to meet with my husband and I. She is the third candidate we have met and so far the only one willing to discuss her plan.
Port Alberni is a community with many opportunities for growth. We have all the ingredients to be an absolute success. We have a new hospital, new high school, new college a transit system as well as some big names in the retail industry, like Canadian tire and tim hortons. We also have endless outdoor recreation opportunities that no other city has. Unfortunately there has been such a narrow focus on the lumber industry that all other aspects of the economy has suffered.
I personally am looking for a mayor and council that recognizes ALL of our current positive assets and has a plan to build a diverse resilient community. I believe that Sharie is the best candidate for the community. She has practical achievable goals to make us an absolute success. I am encouraging everyone to get involved and talk to her and VOTE!